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after some time my service suddenly crashes. I analysed it with VS 2012 it says it is an an access violation. I actually cannot imagine this.

Function where it happens:

void CTItem::WrapPacketClient(CPacket * pPacket, DWORD dwCharID, BYTE bAddItemID, WORD 

wUseTime, BYTE bCashItem)

    BYTE bRegGuild = FALSE;

if( m_dwExtValue[IEV_GUILD] &&
    m_dwExtValue[IEV_GUILD] == dwCharID)
    bRegGuild = TRUE;

    (*pPacket) << m_bItemID;

    << m_wItemID
    << m_bLevel
    << m_bCount
    << m_dwDuraMax
    << m_dwDuraCur
    << m_pTITEM->m_bRefineMax
    << m_bRefineCur
    << m_bGLevel;

    (*pPacket) << wUseTime;
    (*pPacket) << m_dEndTime;

    << m_bGradeEffect
    << BYTE(m_dwExtValue[IEV_ELD])
    << BYTE(m_dwExtValue[IEV_WRAP])
    << WORD(m_dwExtValue[IEV_COLOR])
    << bRegGuild
    << BYTE(m_mapTMAGIC.size());

for( itTMAGIC = m_mapTMAGIC.begin(); itTMAGIC != m_mapTMAGIC.end(); itTMAGIC++)
        << (*itTMAGIC).first
        << GetMagicValue((*itTMAGIC).second);

VS 12 says the access violation occurs here: m_mapTMAGIC.begin()

MAPTMAGIC is a custom class of std::map (typedef map< BYTE, LPTMAGIC> MAPTMAGIC, *LPMAPTMAGIC;). m_mapTMAGIC is also a member of it.

GetMagicValue function:

    LPTITEMMAGIC pMagic = pTMAGIC->m_pMagic;

    FLOAT fRevision = FLOAT(pMagic->m_bRvType ? m_pTITEM->m_fRevision[pMagic->m_bRvType-1] : 1.0);
    WORD wValue = WORD(fRevision * pTMAGIC->m_wValue * pMagic->m_wMaxValue) / 100;
    return max(wValue, 1);

This function is used to calculate the value of (*itTMAGIC).second. (*itTMAGIC).first selects the ID for the value (which type it actually is).

Hopefully you will have an idea why it crashes.

This application is a MFC application. It is written in VS 2003. I use Windows Server 2008 x64 to run it.

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Something must be corrupting your data from outside of this function. Did you try to run a debug build? Also, is it possible that m_mapTMAGIC is being modified in another thread while WrapPacketClient() is executing? –  pvgoran Dec 13 '13 at 20:47
That is the NTSTATUS code for an access violation. You'll need to do some debugging. –  David Heffernan Dec 13 '13 at 20:48
btwm (*itTMAGIC).first is the less readable friend of itTMAGIC->first. Potentially less efficient too. –  RichardPlunkett Dec 13 '13 at 20:56
@user3100736: you can attach a debugger to the service after it starts. It's also possible to configure things so the service starts under the debugger, or you can have the debugger automatically attached when the crash occurs and/or get a crash dump file that can be loaded into a debugger on your dev machine. There are many options available to debug or troubleshoot a crashing service, but they do take some configuration. Also, it can usually be arranged to run a service as a normal console program with a little bit of work in the program's initialization. –  Michael Burr Dec 13 '13 at 21:11
This is not the result. This is your starting point. Inspect the objects. Do they look ok? Are they messed up? Did you run a debug build? Debug builds fill memory with predefined patterns, and surround memory areas with guard bytes. This should get you going. Also, are there any other threads in your service? –  IInspectable Dec 13 '13 at 22:05

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