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I am having an issue getting LinqPad to exapnd and/or execute a layer of my Dump().

Specifically I am using GroupBy and projecting a new object which contains the group.Key, and group.ToList() collection.

The Query executes fine, and the data is displayed...

Where I have my group.ToList(), it shows List< T > which I then have to click on to see the results. (I can click and see the results I'm looking for, but I need them without the click)

How can I make LinqPad show me all results without the need to "click" the "List< T >" hyperlink to get the query to execute?

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It's tricky to replicate your problem without any example code. Have you tried the overloads of the Dump() extension that take a Depth parameter?, e.g. Dump(int depth) or Dump(string description, int? depth).

I'm not sure what the default depth is so it might not solve your issue, but it'll make the difference between something like (for example) - some test data with .Dump(2):

enter image description here

and some test data with .Dump(3) (as if you'd already clicked on the IGrouping above):

enter image description here

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Perfect! Thanks! Soon as I added the depth the data came through as expected :) –  user2839646 Dec 16 '13 at 21:57
Good stuff, enjoy =D –  Chris Dec 16 '13 at 22:04

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