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I'm having an issue using jQuery .next() on my ul. What I will is for when the user clicks the next button it only adds it to li next to it. For some reason it keeps adding it to every list item. Here is a working example:

        $(' li').next().addClass('active');
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you selected all list items, then selected the next list item, which will be all list items other than the first one. your logic/selector is flawed. – Kevin B Dec 13 '13 at 21:18
" to it" Next to what??? – isherwood Dec 13 '13 at 21:19
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That's because $(' li') will select all your list items within; .next() will then find the next element for each and every element in $(' li'), and hence you're dealing with several elements when you add your class.

I think you probably want to start with having the active class on one of the li elements, and then use something like:

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That is because your selector is too generic.

$(' li') //--> will return all li's of the menu
.next() //--> will return all the next li's to the selected li's

You can to instead add active to the first li to start with and on click of next select next to $(' li:active') removing the current active one. And do the same for previous.

You could do:


<ul class="menu">
    <li class="active">1</li>

<a class="traverse" data-action="prev" href="#">previous</a>
<a class="traverse" data-action="next" href="#">next</a>


   var  $menu = $(''), 
        $menus =  $menu.children('li');

        var action = $(this).data('action'), //Get the action prev/next
            jump = (action === 'next' ? 'first' : 'last'), //based on action determine the jump to switch to first or last when reached the end to enable a cycle
            $active = $menus.filter('.active').removeClass('active'), //remove current active li's class
            $target = $active[action](); //get the target applying the action

         if ( $target.length === 0){ //If no target i.e when it is at first or last and clicking on prev or next reptly
               $target =  $menus[jump](); //get the next element using the jump

        $target.addClass('active'); //add class to the target


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You need to keep track of the nextElement

var currentLi = $('.menu li').first();
    if(!currentLi.hasClass('active')) {
    } else {
        currentLi =;

I forked your jsfiddle

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