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I have some PowerShell scripts that accept many long parameters, like,

myScript.ps1 -completePathToFile "C:\...\...\...\file.txt" -completePathForOutput "C:\...\...\...\output.log" -recipients ("") -etc.

I can't seem to make PowerShell run such scripts unless all the parameters are on a single line. Is there a way to invoke the script more like this?

  -completePathToFile "C:\...\...\...\file.txt"
  -completePathForOutput "C:\...\...\...\output.log"
  -recipients (

The lack of readability is driving me nuts, but the scripts really do need to be this parametric.

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PowerShell thinks the command is complete at the end of the line unless it sees certain characters like a pipe, open paren or open curly. Just put a line continuation character ` at the end of each line but make sure there are no spaces after that continuation character:

myScript.ps1 `
  -completePathToFile "C:\...\...\...\file.txt" `
  -completePathForOutput "C:\...\...\...\output.log" `
  -recipients (
    "", `
    "" `

If you're on PowerShell 2.0 you can also put those parameters in a hashtable and use splatting e.g:

$parms = @{
    CompletePathToFile   = 'C:\...\...\...\file.txt'
    CompletPathForOutput = 'C:\...\...\...\output.log'
    Recipients           = '',''
myScript.ps1 @parms
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I've found that the comma operator is enough to make Powershell continue to the next line, SO LONG AS it's actually parsing it as an operator and not a string parameter that ends in ',' – Richard Berg Jan 14 '10 at 1:15
Thanks. I'm sure there other characters indicate to PowerShell there's more. Not sure there is a documented list of these. – Keith Hill Jan 14 '10 at 1:23
Keith, thanks for remininding me there is a splatting in Posh. I read it and then forget. Now I see that it brings a lot of possibilities of how to work with script/function parameters. – stej Jan 14 '10 at 5:14

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