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I downloaded Durandal 2.0.1 StarterKit and I am using it for a web project. I worked with it for a while now.

In one of my viewmodels I am using the routing with id in the url: route: 'test/:id'. Since I want to protect against random id inputs from the user, I am using the canAvtivate function, in which I perform some checks.

When I'm trying to access the route from another route the canActivate function is evaluated before activating, but when i just change the id value in the url the function is not called. It happens the same if I say router.navigate("#/test/44"); from within that view.

Is this desired behavior?

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This is a bit of a guess as I haven't played much with parameterized routing yet, but perhaps the active module is being reused? Does the section "Module Reuse" at the link below apply in your situation?


Perhaps you can work around this by implementing canReuseForRoute

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By implementing canReuseForRoute I managed to get the canActivate evaluate. –  razvan Dec 15 '13 at 11:17

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