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I have a simple problem that I seem to be struggling with. I'm building a simple workout tracker, and I'm trying to add workouts. I'm defining the unique IDs for the workouts by using Date.now(), and something something like this:

  // get the overall ref to the Firebase
  $scope.workouts = $firebase(new Firebase("https://robus.firebaseio.com/workouts"));

  $scope.addWorkout = function() {    
    var newWorkout = $firebase(new Firebase("https://robus.firebaseio.com/workouts/" + id));
      id: Date.now();,
      name: this.workoutName,

    this.workoutName = "";

This works. I get nodes in my Firebase tree that look like:


Although this seems a little redundant to me. I'm storing the id because I can't figure out how to "get" the node otherwise. Do I have to use $child? I've tried things like:

console.log(newWorkout.$child('1386976952038')); and I always get TypeError: Cannot call method 'ref' of undefined errors.

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Hi - are you sure you're using the latest version of angularfire.js 0.5.0 (eg, from: cdn.firebase.com/libs/angularfire/0.5.0/angularfire.js)? We fixed a bug with $child sometime ago - it's definitely the right way to do what you want. –  Anant Dec 14 '13 at 1:19
I am also struggling with V2, particularly related to any interaction with $child or $save. Another similar issue is also referenced in a SO post: stackoverflow.com/questions/20578726/…;. Using 0.5.0 latest version. @Anant is there a more in depth app example making full use of the new API? –  newtriks Dec 14 '13 at 14:50
So I did a diff on my 0.5.0 code (via Bower) and the latest on Github and saw that the latest fix github.com/firebase/angularFire/commit/… is not in my 0.5.0 version. Replacing that in my project fixed the 'ref' error thanks. –  newtriks Dec 14 '13 at 15:04

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