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I want my widget to display its last data (image and text) immediately after rebooting the phone. After reboot, my widget's AppWidgetProvider.onUpdate() is called and I successfully update it there. However, it can take quite a long time before before onUpdate() actually gets called. After reboot, the homescreen first comes up and my widget sits showing its default layout for up to 30 seconds. Finally onUpdate() is called and the widget updates itself. I also tried listening to the BOOT_COMPLETED intent but it takes just as long before the widget receives it.

How does the AccuWeather widget do it? AccuWeather immediately displays its last content as soon as the homescreen appears. It doesn't have a long initial delay before restoring. Is there a way to dynamically save data into a layout so that it is picked up immediately on startup?

Edit: I determined that the AccuWeather widget I mentioned is actually something included by Samsung on their phones. It probably has hooks into the OS to load up early. When I try widgets from the Play Store, all of them seem have a delay after boot before they update their content. It looks like something I will have to live with, but I would appreciated it if anybody has ideas.

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What do you mean by "dynamically save data into a layout"? –  Naddy Dec 14 '13 at 3:02
@Naddy, sorry for my vague wording. I'm starting on the assumption (I'd be happy if I'm wrong) that I can't dynamically alter or replace the original widget layout file I provided in the project. I'm hoping that I can generate a layout with embedded data, and somehow make the widget use this layout during bootup. I'm looking for another way to update the widget besides onUpdate(), which has a delayed effect during bootup. –  UrbanMetro Dec 14 '13 at 7:46

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