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I have a VPS. I'd like to avoid having to install a FTP server.. How much is WP FS_METHOD set to direct insecure? What system configuration should I avoid? Right now PHP/nginx is run by www-data, which I set to 'root' as secondary group. File permissions are 0775 and owned by www-data.

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You should ask this on wordpress.stackexchange.com It is more suited there. If you open a new question there let me know. I'm interested in this as well. –  janw Mar 27 at 22:15
I flagged asking to move the question there. –  MultiformeIngegno Mar 27 at 22:19
I'm just going to have to go out on a limb here and say giving you webserver root level access in group... not a good idea. That alone is asking for trouble, you're basically asking for a directory traversal attack. –  tremor Mar 27 at 23:46
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