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New to Apache Camel and just wondering ... if I'm building an image processing application that does some long running image processing jobs on very large image files, is an Apache Camel "Processor" the "best place" for this code ? The processing may take up to 15 minutes.


Cheers !

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the Processor interface just provides a way to call custom Java code from a route, it can be used for anything really...you can also use Bean integration to simply call your existing POJO code w/o any changes, etc.

as for your long running process...you should run this asynchronously and setup a consumer to pickup the results when they are ready, (file consumer, etc).

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There is no should use async for long running, if processing 15 min is fine sync then do that. Its whether the caller can wait that long or not (if a caller is there to expect a reply). Use cases with no callers, like from file -> process (15 min) -> to ftp, can be perfect fine. –  Claus Ibsen Dec 15 '13 at 12:26

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