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Out of curiosity, I spent some time looking through TCP dumps of an https web connection I made. I have been able to make sense of most of it, but I am stuck on one particular TLS Record. Here is the hex dump:

16 03 01 00 24 ae f5 83  cb 35 db dd 67 f5 bf 4a
c7 52 b5 16 56 59 52 40  fa 7b f8 f6 40 a7 13 74
0a f3 b0 6e 5b 4f 2b 88  a3

The previous Record is a Change Cipher Spec Record (i.e. Content Type 0x14) if that helps. Also, I used wget to make the request.

As far as I can tell, this should follow the handshake subprotocol (16), uses TLS 1.0 (03 01), the message length is 36 Bytes (00 24). And here is where I am stuck: what does the ae mean?! At first I thought it might have something to do with SNI or some other TLS extension, but so far no luck there either.

Any help interpreting this would be appreciated.

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See RFC 2246 &ff. – EJP Dec 14 '13 at 11:37
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There is no HandshakeType with a value of 174. The 174 shows up because the TLS connection just finished negotiating a cipher suite, and is now encrypting the record's payload!

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