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I noticed that certain characters entered in text box and sent through Jquery Ajax request as parms are being mis-interpretted. (at least from my point of view). The "&" creates a new unwanted parm. The "+" disappears entirely.

I want to get value of text box and convert to html entities. Something like this I think:

SafeParm = $("#myDIV").val().html();

Any other recommendations for making for making safe ajax calls with jQuery are welcome.

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In this case, encodeURIComponent is what you want. There are weird edge cases where escape may not do exactly what you want it to. See:

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use want the escape function:

SafeParm = escape($("#myDIV").val().html());
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escape will not properly encode "+". See – noah Jan 13 '10 at 16:26

You have to encode the parameters passed to a request.

See Encoding html using javascript's escape & unescape

You can escape $("#myDIV").val() where myDiv is the id of your textbox.

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escape is deprecated. Use encodeURI and encodeURIComponent.

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