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some of my collegue deleted all my files by rm - rf /* ... In my macbook pro . Now everything is gone and i am completely locked out.

Now mac logs in with 3 options..

1.time machine restore (I dont have any backup)
2.Download and install mac lion (My net is too slow to download 3 gb file)
3.Disk utility repair.

I am locked out with 1st and 2nd option...but is there any way to recover my laptop using disk utility ??

I can see macintosh HD image with 47k folders and files and 290 mb space occupied..so i guess some of my files are in there...

Some one please help.

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This is not a programming question and therefore off-topic for Stack Overflow. Try apple.stackexchange.com instead. –  laalto Dec 14 '13 at 16:23

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Do you have access to another Mac? If so, you can maybe start your MacBookPro in FireWire Target mode. Essentially, even with a wiped out Operating System, you can press "T" while booting your Mac and it will appear as a FireWire disk to another connected computer - you can then at least copy your files off your MBP to the other computer.

See here for details.

ADDED: The slightly harder method, if you have access to another machine, is to remove the disk from your MBP and put it in a USB disk caddy and attach that to another machine. Good luck!

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Chances are good that the files and folders remaining were in the .* directories at the root level of your disk which would be things like the trash and laptop-based Time Machine cache.

Unfortunately, unless you have a backup off of the machine, you are pretty much out of luck. Disk Utility only has file system integrity and disk formatting/partitioning tools.

If you have a Time Machine backup, you should be able to boot into Recovery Mode (hold the alt and R keys during boot) and then connect the Time Machine disk to restore.

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