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Ive got the code below which displays the location_id and total number of antisocial crimes but i would like to get the location_name from a different table called location_dim be be output as well....tried to find a way to UNION it but couldnt get it to work...any ideas?

SELECT fk5_location_id , COUNT(fk3_crime_id) as TOTAL_ANTISOCIAL_CRIMES
WHERE fk1_time_id = 3 AND fk3_crime_id = 1 
GROUP BY fk5_location_id;
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You want to use join to lookup the location name. The query would probably look like this:

SELECT ld.location_name, COUNT(cf.fk3_crime_id) as TOTAL_ANTISOCIAL_CRIMES
from CRIME_FACT cf join
     on cf.fk5_location_id = ld.location_id
WHERE cf.fk1_time_id = 3 AND cf.fk3_crime_id = 1
GROUP BY ld.location_name;

You need to put in the right column names for ld.location_name and ld.location_id.

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you need to find a relationship between the two tables to link a location to crime. that way you could use a "join" and select the fields from each table you are interested in.

I suggest taking a step back and reading up on the fundamentals of relational databases. There are many good books out there which is the perfect place to start.

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