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I'm running Version 5.0.1 (5A2053), and every time I click the play button to run my app on an iPad, the right panel opens up.

It does not provide any value whatsoever to me, and after having to close it ~200 times, I'm interested if there's some xCode 5.0.1 setting to prevent right panel from showing up when running apps on device.

Sorry if this question is not very programming oriented, but it definitely adds a bit of frustration over time.

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With the default preferences, it should not happen. If it is, then go to Xcode>Preferences>Behaviors, and on the left side, click into everything with a checkmark besides it. enter image description here There is a section on the right side that says Show/Hide Utilities. Uncheck it in every one you can. Don't do this in ones one the left without checks, because they already have that off by default. Hope this helps.

Edit: Unchecking this flag in the "Starts" section fixed the issue: enter image description here

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