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I am trying to place amazon search bar for books category in my website, where user searches for a book and is redirected to amazon website. My URL should be tagged with my associate ID so that i can earn some money.

The problem is i am unable to find any procedure to create such search bar. I have browsed through Product advertising API section, but it is very confusing.

I want exactly like this: http://amasearchbar.com/demo-blog/

Can someone help me how to make such autocomplete search bar, or provide me directly the code for it. Any help is appreciated.

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Amazon isn't likely to give instructions for how to create something like that - but they do give you the tools necessary to figure it out yourself if you're willing to learn their API.

Without more information, it's hard for anyone here to "help" you either.

That link you gave is to a WP plugin. Are you using WP? If so, your easiest bet is to buy the plugin and use that (I am not endorsing that plugin specifically, I have no experience with it).

If you give more specifics on what language you're wanting to use to create the search bar and its interaction with the API, and specific problems you run into while working on it, this community will be much more likely to help you. Questions to point you to a free source for the finished code of your project are not likely to get very far though.

Based on your previous questions, it seems likely that you are using Wordpress. If that's the case, and you don't know how to write the scripts to interact with the API then the easiest answer to your question by far is to either buy a plugin (perhaps the one you linked) or hire someone to write one. If you'd like to learn, there are a lot of resources online to help you start learning to write WP plugins.

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