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Is the URL itself encrypted as well when using wss://? For example, say you have a simple Sinatra web application that accepts web socket connections:

class App < Sinatra::Base

  get "/ws/:api_key/room/:id" do |api_key, id|
    user = User.find_by(api_key: api_key)
    room = Room.find(id)

    if RoomAuthenticator.new(room).authorized?(user)
      request.websocket do |ws|
        ws.onopen { publish(room, "#{user.name} connected.") }

Then from the client/browser, in JavaScript:

new WebSocket("wss://" + window.location.host + "/ws/" + user.api_key + "/room/" + room.id);

Is the user.api_key in the URL encrypted or is it susceptible to attacks?

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Yes, the URL will be encrypted. Secure web sockets use Transport Layer Security (just like HTTPS does) to tunnel all data over the secure connection. See section 4 of RFC 6455:

If /secure/ is true, the client MUST perform a TLS handshake over the connection after opening the connection and before sending the handshake data. [...] all further communication on this channel MUST run through the encrypted tunnel.

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Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure whether passing in the api_key through the wss:// URL would be a safe way transfer this information. It doesn't seem to be possible to use query parameters (e.g. ?api_key=VALUE) or headers (e.g. x-api-key: VALUE) through web sockets. –  Michael van Rooijen Dec 15 '13 at 1:12

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