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This url works fine when I try it in my browser:


But when I run this code:

Promise<WS.Response> page = WS.url("https://username:password@api.prosper.com/api/Listings?$top=3").get();

I get this exception:

IllegalArgumentException: Illegal URL: https://username:password@api.prosper.com/api/Listings

I discovered that if I remove the colon from between username and password it doesn't throw an exception.

So I tried escaping the colon like this and got the same exception:

Promise<WS.Response> page = WS.url("https://username%3Apassword@api.prosper.com/api/Listings?$top=3").get();

How can I get around this issue?

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I haven't tested, but it should work this way:

WSRequestHolder requestHolder = WS.url("https://api.prosper.com/api/Listings?$top=3");
requestHolder.setAuth("username", "password");
Promise<Response> promise = requestHolder.get();
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This worked perfectly. –  Brian Dec 14 '13 at 23:29
Which all header files do I need to import. I am getting too many options. –  Saty Apr 3 at 10:35

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