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I'm using lightswitch in VB , i need to check is a given user has specific permission ("User") or not I've tried the below code:

        Dim myper = Me.DataWorkspace.SecurityData.Permissions.Where(Function(p) p.Id.Equals("LightSwitchApplication:User", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)).SingleOrDefault

        If Not myper Is Nothing Then
            Dim myu = myper.RolePermissions.SelectMany(Function(u) u.Role.RoleAssignments).Select(Function(us) us.UserName = UserName)
            If Not myu Is Nothing Then
                ' this mean no user has the user permission!
                'user has been found for this permission 
                results.AddPropertyError("not found")
            End If
            'this mean no roles has this permission !

        End If

but unfortunately the myu object always return nothing i don't know why, sorry for that but I'm new in LINQ.

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You should use the Application.User object for this.

In csharp:

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your code is checking the logged in user , but here i need to check the given username string. –  Ahmed Ibrahim Dec 18 '13 at 5:04

If you want to check a username:

if (this.Application.User.Name.Equals("UserName")) { enter code here }

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