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I have x, y and z data points, which I want to bin my data for x and y. It mean I want average of z, corresponding to x, and y. I saw this code from Doug, for bining data but just two array

x= [0.1384 ,0.2748 ,0.1808 ,0.2889 ,0.1235,0.0598 ,0.0578, 0.2488 ,0.1823 ,0.1804];

y= [0.3419, 0.2292, 0.2198, 0.3588, 0.1196, 0.2697, 0.2835, 0.1756, 0.2216, 0.0834];

z= [ 0.0852, 0.2105, 0.2722, 0.4585, 0.1333, 0.2187, 0.1918, 0.0067, 0.1561, 0.0205];


binEdges = linspace(botEdge, topEdge, numBins+1);

[h,whichBin] = histc(x, binEdges);

for i = 1:numBins
    flagBinMembers = (whichBin == i);
    binMembers     = z(flagBinMembers); 
    binMean(i)     = mean(binMembers);

now I want to add, y as well to have mean of z array according to both x and y. Could someone help me to do it and then I have again my re sample data in cloud points?

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I wish someone would help me, I also found this code mathworks.de/matlabcentral/fileexchange/… which works but ... –  user1331843 Dec 19 '13 at 21:45

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