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I'm trying to use logout with Python Social Auth in a Django app, but I'm getting

NotAllowedToDisconnect at /disconnect/facebook/1/

These are my settings:



And this is the code I'm using on templates

{{ assoc.provider }} (<a href="{% url 'social:disconnect_individual' assoc.provider assoc.id %}" class="disconnect">Disconnect </a>)
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Are you sure when a user logs out of one of his account, you want to disconnect all his social accounts? –  eugene Mar 29 at 8:46

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Provide a separate logout action to separate logout and disconnect.

from django.contrib.auth import logout as auth_logout

def logout(request):
    """Logs out user"""
    return render_to_response('home.html', {}, RequestContext(request))

Refer to the Django example app for a full example.

In your disconnect pipeline you have social.pipeline.disconnect.allowed_to_disconnect. This will verify that the user has a valid way to login after the current login method has been disconnected. This is handle by allowed_to_disconnect in django_orm.py#L20.

To allow the user to diconnect and to avoid the NotAllowedToDisconnect remove the social.pipeline.disconnect.allowed_to_disconnect from your SOCIAL_AUTH_DISCONNECT_PIPELINE.

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