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I'm considering reading the body of a tag to determine what variables the tag should send to the body.

e.g, here's the GSP

<g:get_domain_info id="${patientInstance?.id}" >
  <tr class="prop">
    <td valign="top" class="name"> ${firstNameLabel}</td>
    <td valign="top" class="value"> ${firstNameValue}</td>

The tag somehow reads the body, sees that it wants "firstName", so outputs the first name label and value to the body.

Is this possible?

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It looks like if you call "doCall" on the body, it will return the body text the return object - but, it does not contain the data names to be filled in, which is what I was looking for (: I didn't try the other methods on the body, which take parameters. I wonder what they do. –  Jack BeNimble Jan 13 '10 at 19:25
I am curious - Did you ever find a solution? I want to do something like: <my:myTag><g:text name="blah"/></my:myTag> –  Ryan Alberts Nov 11 '10 at 3:49
NEVERMIND! Figured out I could just do "out << body()" –  Ryan Alberts Nov 11 '10 at 4:00

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