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I have a large number of .RAW audio files (unsigned 8-bit PCM with no-endianness) which I want to convert to .WAV files. What command-line tool (windows or linux) can I use to convert these quickly?

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I was pointed to SoX by a friend, which did the trick. The syntax used was sox -r 44100 -e unsigned -b 8 -c 1 <RAW_FILE> <TARGET_FILE>

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audioconvert is pretty standard (I think)

mencoder isn't available by standard in totally-free linux distributions, but can convert to about anything

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MPlayer should be able to convert your audio;

$ mplayer \
  -quiet \
  -vo null \
  -vc dummy \
  -af volume=0,resample=44100:0:1 \
  -ao pcm:waveheader:file="file.wav" "file.raw"

It's available in most linux distributions package managers.

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I found sox to be incredibly fast and reliable. I use it for a dictation solution I put together with Asterisk. If you are using sox though, be aware that you should be aware of what the source encoding is. I found this to be my initial hangup with the project I did (http://sylnsr.blogspot.com/2012/08/convert-asterisk-dictates-raw-files-to.html)

For my implementation I use this:

sox -t auto -w -s -r 8000 -c 1 {input_file} {output_file}

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