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We are developing Custom Commenting System in which email notifications will be send to all the subscribers to the post just like "Disqus". We found Amazon AWS provides Simple Notification System which does a fairly good job of sending mass email notifications and manages subscribers and topics, but I did not found any article on which the format of email notifications can be changed as all the emails have Amazon Branding.

Is it possible to send through Amazon SNS?

  1. Custom Email without Amazon Branding ?
  2. Custom Subscription Link?
  3. Custom Un-subscribe link?
  4. Custom From Email Address?
  5. Attaching Companies logo in the email.

Thus removing Custom Amazon SNS branding.

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I don't believe any customization is possible. For custom e-mails you should use Amazon SES instead. You would however need to manage unsubscribes yourself.

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Thanks for the response. We are already using Amazon SES for Change Password related emails, but it also means we have to create the infrastructure to publish the topic, send emails to all subscribers, may be using Amazon Sqs and Amazon Ses. –  Vishal .Net Dec 15 '13 at 17:07

Yes, you can. Please refer AWS doc: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/sns/latest/dg/PublishTopic.html

When you publish message, remember select "Use different message body for different protocols"

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It would be helpful if you can quote relevant details from the page. –  Nishu Aug 3 '14 at 14:59

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