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I've been struggling with the best way to tackle an issue for awhile now. I have a has-many through model where Lists contain many Words, Words can be in many lists. The association table is Lists_word.

I'm using a accepts_nested_attributes_for: Words

the words are submitted via the lists controller as nested attributes.

The logic I wanted to implement however is:

  • If a user modifies a word I don't want that word to change in all other lists referencing that word.
  • If a user modifies a word and it's a new word, then create a word and associate it to the users list.
  • if a user modifies a word and it exists then change the association.
  • if a user adds a word, and word already exists then just add the association.
  • if a user adds a word and it doesn’t exist add the word to the collection.

To accomplish this I wrote a create_or_associate module in the Lists model. This works, however I have a strong feeling that there is a better way.

def create_or_associate
# For each word submitted
self.words.each do |the_list|
  if the_list.word_changed? #(New and Changed)

    if the_list.id.nil? #new list word
      if Word.exists?(word: the_list.word)
        self.words << Word.where(word: the_list.word)
        #new list word not in DB
        self.words << the_list
      # a changed list word
      if Word.exists?(word: the_list.word)
        # changed word already in DB
        self.words << Word.where(word: the_list.word)
        #changed word not in DB
        new_word=Word.create(word: the_list.word)
        self.words << new_word

I've not seen any similar code in my travels, which rings alarm bells that perhaps I'm not on the right track.

Thanks for any help

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I would probably use this approach

words = params[:some_word_list]
@list = List.new  #  List.find()  if you're updating
@list.words = [] if @list.persisted?
words.each do |w|
  word = Word.find_or_create_by(:word => w)
  @list.words << word

Hope it helps

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Thanks so much. So basically re-create the association each time. –  Smithy Dec 15 '13 at 21:17
Yep, that works for me on a similar situation :), good luck. –  adbeel Dec 15 '13 at 22:16

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