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We search for a fast and scaleable analytics Database to host in Amazon Cloud for Queries like

"select value, count(*) from table group by value"

We testet a lot of Analytics and Data Warehouse solutions but we didnt find the one we need :(

There are all to slow on Tables with ~ 50mio Records.


  • Redshift
  • RDS(MySQL, Oracle, Postgres)
  • Clustrix
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It depends on how you test it as to how well it works. Shouldn't an index make this extremely fast? –  bdean20 Dec 15 '13 at 8:08
the problem is that the most DBs make Tablescans to get the count(*). So Index doesnt help? –  FrankyK Dec 15 '13 at 18:47
Databases do not do table scan for such a query especially Redshift which is primarily a columnar DB .Can you please provide some more details as to what HW did you use and how much data (in TB or Gb) you were running this query on? What sort of time are you expecting and what times are you getting on the query. This aggregate query should be extremely fast if data is not skewed. I can help further if you can please provide some more details. thanks –  user3261650 Feb 1 at 23:46
Hey @FrankyK, I work at ClustrixDB and wanted to know -- which version of Clustrix did you test and what kind of results are you looking for? We actually have some performance optimizations to count(*) queries in a new release that hasn't yet been released to the marketplace yet. –  clieu Mar 3 at 19:46

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