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I know that when you want to insert a link you can [[www.google.com][Google]], the square brackets will disappear, but when I want to insert the [[]] and show them like the followwing code exmple(I am learning bash and making some notes about it), how do I do??

if [[ "$gender" == f* ]]

BTW, when I put my cursor in the link descriptor(Google in the link example), but I don't want to open it witht my Browser, how can I know the original url(www.google.com)???

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You can use org-babel source blocks for scripts. That looks like:

#+begin_src shell-script
if [[ "$gender" == f* ]]

Pressing C-c C-c inside such a block will execute it. The results are shown underneath. Pressing C-c ' gives you another buffer for editing the source block (in its own major mode).

You find a short description at: C-h i g (org) Literal examples.

BTW, the menu items Org → Hyperlinks → Descriptive Links and Org → Hyperlinks → Literal Links let you switch between descriptive and literal links.

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The command corresponding to the menu items mentioned here is org-toggle-link-display. @CodyChan If you find that you need to switch between descriptive and literal links a lot, it makes sense to set up a key binding for it: (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-x t") 'org-toggle-link-display) – itsjeyd Dec 15 '13 at 9:40

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