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I am writing a backup application which chunks files and creates a hash of the chunks so I can detect if I have seen that piece of data before.

The backup application operates over a network and currently calculates all the hashes of the chunks in a file, sends them to the server which replies with a list of what hashes are needed. The Client then sends these to the server.

This isn't very efficient, and it would be much easier to have a local cache of the hashes to compare against, but I am worried about the 2 ends getting out of sync.

The Application is written on top of Twisted.

Can anyone recommend a technique I can use to make sure the 2 tables are synced reliably and using the least bandwidth possible?

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This question is insanely broad. Arbitrary multi-way sync is basically an open research problem in computer science; the answer would not fit into an SO answer; you'd be lucky if it fit into a PhD dissertation. Please make your question a lot more specific, or outline a technique you've selected and ask about known problems with it given a specific set of requirements. "It shouldn't be out of sync" is not a requirement, by the way; everything is always out of sync, the question is how much and in what situations can you tolerate late data :). –  Glyph Dec 15 '13 at 10:46