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I have an image I would like to crop using jcrop. The function works and displays the cropping area in a preview div but the cropped area doesn't match that of the preview. Im not sure why this is.

var imgwidth = 702; //these are the exact size of my image for testing
var imgheight = 960;
        onChange: showPreview,
        onSelect: showPreview,
        aspectRatio: 1,
        boxWidth: imgwidth/3,
        boxHeight: imgheight/3
function showPreview(coords)
    var rx = 100 / coords.w;
    var ry = 100 / coords.h;

        width: Math.round(rx * imgwidth) + 'px',
        height: Math.round(ry * imgheight) + 'px',
        marginLeft: '-' + Math.round(rx * coords.x) + 'px',
        marginTop: '-' + Math.round(ry * coords.y) + 'px'

enter image description here

<div class="thumb_display">
            <small>Old thumbnail</small>
            <img src="../images/thumbs/<?php echo $product['image']; ?>" width="100px" height="100px" />
        <div class="thumb_display">
            <small>new thumbnail</small>
                <div style="width:100px;height:100px;overflow:hidden;margin-left:5px;">
        <img src="../images/<?php echo $product['image']; ?>" id="preview" />

        <div style="clear:both;"></div>
        <p><input type="submit" value="finished cropping" /></p>
        <div id="image_display">
            <img id="cropbox1" src="../images/<?php echo $product['image']; ?>" width="80%" />

It looks as thought it should line up equally with the crop area. There is a similar problem here but as you see I used the example here to help solve the problem but hasn't really worked for me.

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