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I have a created a usercontrol in my wpf application. I have used it like so:

<Page x:Class="InstallerToolkit.Pages.PageVideosNvr"
  d:DesignHeight="525" d:DesignWidth="1050"
        <my:UserControlVideoPlayer Name="VideoPlayer" Margin="559,74,35,155">


Now in my C# page I want to access it but the VideoPlayer object doesnt appear when I type its name in the code behind c# page.

What doo I do to access it as I want to set one of its properties.

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Give x:Name to your UserControl instead of Name

<my:UserControlVideoPlayer x:Name="VideoPlayer" Margin="559,74,35,155">

It will be accessible now in code behind using this.VideoPlayer.

I would suggest to make it a thumb rule that always use x:Name whenever referring to elements in XAML.

Refer to this for difference between Name and x:Name.

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