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I created a trigger which works like when i update/insert a row in one table, an insert of a row will a done in another table which contains a primary key. Now when i insert a row in the first table I want the trigger to check the last value of primary key of another table and if that is null or '-' then I've to insert 1 into that primary key column so as to insert the remaining values. I've written the code as follows:

create or replace trigger "T1"
insert or update on "buses"
for each row    
-- Here I want to check the V_id on vehicles table, if that is null or '-' then insert V_id as 1 along with the below insert statement.
if :NEW."b_key" is not null then
end if; 

How to find the last b_id in the vehicles table, so that if that value is null or '-' insert b_id as 1, followed by the above insert statement in the same row.

any help will be greatly appreciated, asap. Thanks in advance, Is anyone there to solve this...:(

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How would a primary key have a value of null? – David Aldridge Dec 15 '13 at 19:30

By adding another trigger we can do that as follows:

create or replace TRIGGER "B_VEHICLES" 
  before insert on "buses"               
    for each row  
 declare b_number number;
    select max(B_ID) into b_number from Vehicles;

  if :OLD."B_ID" is null and b_number is null then 
    select 1 into :new."B_ID" from dual; 
else select b_number + 1 into :new."B_ID" from dual;
  end if; 

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