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From a RestAPI method call I am getting following JSON output (this is a JSON output from Socialcast RestAPI).

         "name":"Lasith Chandrasekara",
      "body":"\"\u0db8\u0dad\u0dca \u0d9a\u0dd4\u0da9\u0dd4 \u0d9a\u0db1\u0dca\u0da7\u0dda\u0db1\u0dbb\u0dba \u0dc3\u0db8\u0dca\u0db6\u0db1\u0dca\u0db0 \u0dc3\u0dd2\u0daf\u0dca\u0db0\u0dd2\u0dba\u0dda\u0daf\u0dd3 \u0d85\u0d9c\u0db8\u0dd0\u0dad\u0dd2\u0dc0\u0dba\u0dcf\u0d9c\u0dda \u0dbb\u0dd9\u0daf\u0dca\u0daf \u0d9a\u0dd0\u0d9e\u0dd3 \u0db1\u0dd2\u0dbb\u0dd4\u0dc0\u0dad \u0db4\u0dda\u0db1\u0dca\u0db1\u0dda \u0da2\u0dcf\u0dad\u0dd2\u0d9a \u0dc4\u0dd9\u0dc5 \"",

I want to process this with java and pass to another system called "save2xml" (which is another java component that take this as a input and save this input as a xml file).

The part of output of savet2xml file as follows.

<body>\"\u0db8\u0dad\u0dca \u0d9a\u0dd4\u0da9\u0dd4 \u0d9a\u0db1\u0dca\u0da7\u0dda\u0db1\u0dbb\u0dba \u0dc3\u0db8\u0dca\u0db6\u0db1\u0dca\u0db0 \u0dc3\u0dd2\u0daf\u0dca\u0db0\u0dd2\u0dba\u0dda\u0daf\u0dd3 \u0d85\u0d9c\u0db8\u0dd0\u0dad\u0dd2\u0dc0\u0dba\u0dcf\u0d9c\u0dda \u0dbb\u0dd9\u0daf\u0dca\u0daf \u0d9a\u0dd0\u0d9e\u0dd3 \u0db1\u0dd2\u0dbb\u0dd4\u0dc0\u0dad \u0db4\u0dda\u0db1\u0dca\u0db1\u0dda \u0da2\u0dcf\u0dad\u0dd2\u0d9a \u0dc4\u0dd9\u0dc5 \"</body>

How can I get decoded string (like follows) with the output of save2xml? "මත් කුඩු කන්ටේනරය සම්බන්ධ සිද්ධියේදී අගමැතිවයාගේ රෙද්ද කැඞී නිරුවත පේන්නේ ජාතික හෙළ "

Note: I debugged the save2xml component as follows and it print encoding as cp1252.

OutputStreamWriter out = new OutputStreamWriter(new ByteArrayOutputStream());
    getLogger().info("XXXXXXX ecndoing is " + out.getEncoding());

So here I don't want to change save2xml component. What I can do is process JSON and do whatever modification before passing to the save2xml component. Please advice the change I have to done when processing the JSON to get decoded (readable) output in xml.

I guess the JSON is in UTF-8.

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Use a JSON parser - e.g. Jackson – McDowell Dec 15 '13 at 16:04
JSON parser is used and created object from JSON. But how to process the encoding? I don't have problem with JSON. Only problem I want to solve is encoding. – lsc Dec 15 '13 at 16:08
If you want to write Unicode, specify an encoding when you create your OutputStreamWriter. If you're still having problems, say what JSON parser you are using and how you're writing your XML. – McDowell Dec 15 '13 at 16:15
Ok, so lets forge about JSON and say we have string like "\"\u0db8\u0dad\u0dca \u0d9a\u0dd4\u0da9\u0dd4 \u0d9a\u0db1\u0" ... So how can I get readable output like "මත් කුඩු කන්ටේ" . from previous encoded string. Also I dont have a way to change the writing of XML. As I mentioned save2xml component uses encoding cp1252 – lsc Dec 15 '13 at 16:31

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