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Is there an FTP browser hiding away in NetBeans 6.1? The help manual doesn't even suggest FTP exists.

All I've been able to find so far is a tree viewer in the Services panel (no edit controls) and the ability to upload projects, folders and specific files from the Projects/Files views. Is there anywhere to delete or rename or will I have to keep switching back to my browser?

I can see from the previews that there's a nice FTP controller in 6.5 but I'm not desperate enough to completely convert to a beta (yet).

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Have you taken a look at remotefs? – Nate Smith Aug 21 '08 at 17:35

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It looks like something was recently added to netbeans for php...

don't know if you can make use of that...

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The remotefs addin works for 6.5: remotefs

alt text

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You can try the Plugin FTP Site Deployer. This is free and open source plugin for Netbeans, it's add a contextual menu with the voice "upload to FTP". Is still in development but it is working:

You can find some other information here:

And download source and nmb from sourceforge

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