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I am trying to understand the cxfrs:server and JAXRS:Server in Apache Camel. How it is different?

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First, these two are used to configure the server.

But cxfrs:server is used to configure the server which is used by the camel-cxfrs to route the REST request to camel route, it doesn't invoke the resources classes instance method; jaxrs:server is used to expose the REST service which can accept the REST request and send response by invoke the resources classes instance that you configured.

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Hi Willem, I'm still trying to understand the difference between these two. You mentioned that jaxrs:server is used to expose the REST services so that the methods inside the service classes can be called. However, I used the CXF-RS component by only configuring a jaxrs:server, and it did not invoke the methods inside the service classes. So, I'm still confused about the differences between these two.. –  Ivan Gozali Jan 27 at 18:15
Did you get the response from the CXFRS server? How can you tell the method in the service classes is not called ? –  Willem Jiang Jan 29 at 2:36
Yes, I'll ask this in a separate question so I can explain my question better. –  Ivan Gozali Jan 29 at 19:19
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