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I am trying to start working on DirectX 11, but I have so far been unable to draw a single polygon.

I started with sample codes from Beginning DirectX 11 Game Development (Chapter 2, simple, untextured triangle) and this sample from Microsoft's Dev Center.

So far I have created my Device, Context, Swap Chain, Viewport, Vertex and Pixel Shaders, Input Layout and Vertex Buffer for this effect. However, nothing is displayed on screen.

Using VS2013's Graphics Debugging tools, I managed to find that my geometry is being sent to the Vertex Shader, apparently in the correct position (Single Triangle in the middle of the screen). However, when I switch to the Graphics Pixel History tool, it appears my drawing call is never executed; Yet, the Graphics Event list says it was.

My vertices are in CW order, no blending/alpha has been enabled, the same debugging tools let me know what all the objects listed above were properly created. Yet nothing appears. Does anybody have a pointer in the right direction?

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+1 for using graphics debugger, which is so rare on StackOverfow =) – Drop Dec 16 '13 at 0:00
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Without shader code and vertex data we can only guess.

And my guess (which is a frequent mistake) is that fragments not passing depth tests due to incorrect Z or W values output in VS (due to incorrect vertex data, incorrect matrices in constant buffers, incorrect calculations, etc.) or incorrect depth buffer settings.

To debug it try this algo:

  • Run graphics debugger and capture frame (Print Screen)
  • In "Graphics Event List" choose draw function call (with brush near it)
  • Click on a pixel in a captured frame (preferably one that belongs to your geometry)
  • Look at "Graphics Pipeline Stages" to see if IA, VS, PS and OM stages functional for that pixel
  • Check "Pixel history" (unfold all lines). Does anything happens after cleaning buffer? Does your fragments pass depth test? Does you geometry has wrong color?
  • On "Graphics Pipeline Stages" or "Pixel history" click green arrow near shader stages to debug their HLSL code. Go line-by-line, watch variables. Check that shaders output valid data to next stages.
  • Repeat same for some other pixels of your frame if needed.
  • Target is to find on which stage of pipeline things go wrong.

If you cannot find some windows, check menu "Debug" - "Graphics".

Hope it helps. Happy debugging!

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Turns out the W was the issue there. Was sending 0s when they had to be 1s. Thank you :) – rubbyrubber Dec 16 '13 at 3:43

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