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How in matlab I can iteratively append matrix with rows?

For example let say I have empty matrix:

m = [];

and when I run for loop, I get rows that I need to insert into matrix.

For example:

for i=1:5
  row = v - x; % for example getting 1 2 3
  % m.append(row)?

so after inserting it should look something like:

m = [
     1 2 3
     3 2 1
     1 2 3
     4 3 2
     1 1 1

In most programming languages you can simply append row into array/matrix. But I find it hart to do it in matlab.

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m = [m ; new_row]; in your loop. If you know the total row number already, define m=zeros(row_num,column_num);, then in your loop m(i,:) = new_row;

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Thanks. This one works like a charm. – Andrius Dec 15 '13 at 20:31
you are very welcome! – lennon310 Dec 15 '13 at 20:33

Just use

m = [m; row];

Take into account that extending a matrix is slow, as it involves memory reallocation. It's better to preallocate the matrix to its full size,

m = NaN(numRows,numCols);

and then fill the row values at each iteration:

m(ii,:) = row;

Also, it's better not to use i as a variable name, because by default it represents the imaginary unit (that's why I'm using ii here as iteration index).

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