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I have few screens that are wired up using Buttons to navigate to and fro. However, there is one screen that plays an animation when "Loaded" event occurs. I want to go to the "next" screen when the current screen's animation finishes.

Could someone suggest how I can achieve this in Sketchflow? Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this currently in SketchFlow.

You could fake this by having another screen included into your screen as a component screen, and displaying it at the end of your animation.

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Well i think there is a way...

Start out with giving your storyboard a name

<Storyboard x:Name="anima"></Storyboard>

then go into the ".cs" file

//connect it to a listener

Storyboard ST = this.FindName("anima") as Storyboard;
ST.Completed += new EventHandler(AnimaListener);

//the listener
void AnimaListener(object sender, EventArgs e)
      Microsoft.Expression.Prototyping.Services.PlayerContext.Instance.ActiveNavigationViewModel.NavigateToScreen("nameOfTheNewScreen", true); 

Where i found the navigation code

Where i found how to link a storyboard to a listener

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