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I try to using remote driver to execute my script.But i got below mentioned error and code also attached.kindly need help
//My Driver Code

WebDriver driver =null;
String NodeURL="http://localhost:5566/wd/hub"; 
DesiredCapabilities capability=DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
capability.setCapability("platform", Platform.ANY);
capability.setCapability("binary", "C:\\Users\\praveenraj.d\\AppData\\Local\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe"); 
driver=new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(NodeURL),capability);

Error Message

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Did you fix it? –  Adrian Lynch Jan 2 at 15:27

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I had the same issue, switching "binary" to "firefox_binary" fixed it.

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Try modifying the binary path to "C:\\Users\\praveenraj\.d\\AppData\\Local\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe"

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