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input <- "    
  t    y    
 1  5.3    
 2  7.2    
 3  9.6    
 4 12.9    
 5 17.1    
 6 23.2"         

y=3.975*(1.341^t) is the resule of fit,how can i use nls function to get it?
maybe the problem is how to express the formula?

Error in getInitial.default(func, data, mCall = as.list(match.call(func,  : 
no 'getInitial' method found for "function" objects
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nls needs a good starting point for each parameter

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By your knowledge/experience. Base on the equation, both should be larger than zero. Is always a value for t=1 available? If yes use this for value for a. Take a second one and calculate (not fit) b, and use that. Non linear fits may fail (or find just a local minimum) if they start at the wrong place. By the way a=10, b=10 worked too. –  Jörg Mäder Dec 16 '13 at 8:15
And consider fitting log(texp) instead of t for a simple strategy to avoid failure in getInitial. –  Dieter Menne Dec 16 '13 at 8:56

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