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I came across some HTML:

<div id="div-1">
    <a href="next" span id="next">hidfoli</a>

I want to know what does span inside a tag mean?

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It does not mean anything.

It is ignored, except in the sense that browsers still parse the attribute and store it in the DOM (not directly as a property of the element node, but in the attributes array).

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span is a tag, not an attribute of any element, so probably that was mistyped and the HTML is invalid.

So either a must be nested inside the span tag, or span must be nested inside the a tag, but as far as attribute goes, there is nothing as such.

You can always validate your markup using W3C Validator.

If you mean that span is NESTED inside the a tag, than I can show you how it can be used.

<a href="#"><span>Hello</span></a>

Say you have above in your markup, now both the elements are inline so designers often nest the elements in such a way to achieve some typography effect say...

a {
   color: red;

a span {
   color: green;


Or he wants the two words on different lines, so he can do something like

a span {
   display: block;

Demo 2

So it can be used in various scenarios but as far as your syntax goes, it's completely invalid.

Just some more information over attributes, if you want to define custom attributes, for some or the other reason, you can create them by prefixing their names using data-, and this is valid in HTML5 so the above can be written as <a href="next" data-span="whatever" id="next">hidfoli</a>.

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The example contains invalid html, it should be:

<a href="next"><span id="next">hidfoli</span></a>

In general a span is used to wrap text so that specific styling may be applied. More specifically as stated by the MDN Documentation:

The HTML element is a generic inline container for phrasing content, which does not inherently represent anything. It can be used to group elements for styling purposes (using the class or id attributes), or because they share attribute values, such as lang. It should be used only when no other semantic element is appropriate. is very much like a element, but is a block-level element whereas a is an inline element.

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Looks like a mistake to me, it probably meant:

<a href="next"><span id="next">hidfoli</span></a>

Playing a little bit detective, the author probably put a span with id inside the to be able to access 'hidfoli' string, then realized mid-way that he could put the id right on the and thus ending up with a faulty html code.

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Your html code is invalid html...span is html tag which can be placed inside a tag not as attribute of a tag.

correct way

<a href="next" id="next"><span>hidfoli</span></a>
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Span is a HTML tag its not an attribute this is incorrect.

may be like this

<a href="next"><span id="next">hidfoli</span></a>

but will be same as

<a href="next">hidfoli</a>

Using the first one not required just for giving text may be used for styling purposes.

Or if you are going to give attributes to nested objects like

a span                       $('a span') in Jquery
}           in css or 
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