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I'm trying to make predictions from my lme-model:


Unfortunately I have a nested random and 5 fixed effects and do not really know how to handle them all.

All fixed effects are numeric, except "direction" and "time", which are two-level factors ("land" or "sea"; "day" or "night").

For model prediction I've tried the following:


lines(newdat$loop,yhat,lwd=2) ### for plotting one of the fixed effects

But when using the there is an error: "Error in predict.lme(mod3, newdat, = TRUE) : cannot evaluate groups for desired levels on 'newdata'"

Does not work for lmes? Omitting the level=0 did not work. Is the code wrong?

I also tried the code from glmm.wikidot:

newdat<-expand.grid(direction=c("land","sea"),time_code=c("1","2"),loop30=c(0.08,1),distne    st=c(0.01,99.43),twc=c(-56.88744,57.93735))
Designmat <- model.matrix(eval(eval(mod3$call$fixed)[-2]), newdat[-ncol(newdat)]) 
predvar <- diag(Designmat %*% mod3$varFix %*% t(Designmat)) 
newdat$SE <- sqrt(predvar) 
newdat$SE2 <- sqrt(predvar+mod3$sigma^2)
pd <- position_dodge(width=0.4) 
g0 <- ggplot(newdat,aes(x=loop30,y=pred,colour=direction))+ 
g0 + geom_linerange(aes(ymin=pred-2*SE,ymax=pred+2*SE), position=pd)
## prediction intervals 
g0 + geom_linerange(aes(ymin=pred-2*SE2,ymax=pred+2*SE2), position=pd)

But the plot is completely wrong. Can anyone help me with the correct code? Thanks a lot in advance.

Best wishes, Anna

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Without some actual data, hard. – Roman Luštrik Dec 16 '13 at 10:21
predict.lme doesn't have an parameter. However, passing one doesn't have any effect. The error results from omitting level=0 and not providing the grouping variables for the random intercept. Your error description for the second approach ("plot is completely wrong") doesn't allow diagnosis. – Roland Dec 16 '13 at 10:44

For prediction you need all of the items in the RHS of your model ... _as_named_ :

direction + time + distnest + loop + twc 
...and...  bird_id ...and... FT_no

At the moment you have misnamed the time variable as time_code and failed to include either of your "random effects" variables. Here's the relevant bit from nlme::lme's help page: " All variables used in the fixed and random effects models, as well as the grouping factors, must be present in the data frame. If missing, the fitted values are returned."

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