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so I got a chunk of code below:


static final Map<String, ObjectPool> _objectPools = new Map<String, ObjectPool>();

static IPoolable get(Type objectType)
  for (String name in _objectPools) // <-- This one throws an error
    if (_objectPools[name].runtimeType == objectType)
      return _objectPools[name].alloc();


and it throws an error "Breaking on exception: Class '_LinkedHashMap' has no instance getter 'iterator'." Last time I checked it's the for loop that throws me the error (as commented in the code) but I don't have a clue what causes it or any workaround for it. I also have tested that the _objectPools is filled at least one element so it should make a loop, but it doesn't.

any idea? Thanks!

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You have to use for (String name in _objectPools.keys).

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It works!, thanks a lot Alexandre! –  Arly Dec 16 '13 at 11:15

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