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Hi I am just writing a simple program to append string to file,

open String
let ()=
        let oc= open_out_gen [Open_creat; Open_text; Open_append] 0o640 Sys.argv.(1) in
        output_string oc (concat Sys.argv.(2) ["\n"]);
        close_out oc;

Let us assume the output file is append I ran the output just like this ./append out "text"

Although it is creating the out file it is only printing the new line, why the Sys.argv(2) is coming out null?

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You are misusing String.concat in:

concat Sys.argv.(2) ["\n"]

String.concat sep list means that it should append all the elements of list, adding sep as a separator between them. If the list contains only one element (your case), there is no place to put the separator. You should use ^, i.e. the addition between strings, available by default (without open String), "x" ^ "y" gives "xy".

Also, you should avoid opening modules from the standard library, fully-qualified names make programs easier to read and maintain on the long-term (use String.concat instead of concat, etc.).

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Thanks. I had a wrong conception. thought I am concatening the Sys.argv(2) with a new line character. –  P basak Dec 17 '13 at 5:55

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