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General question on intercepting C++ method calls...

Are there any open-source frameworks? Using Tuxedo (11+) as my container so basically I want to do an "around" on successful tpcall calls. TSAM from Tuxedo does this as an extension but I would rather skip the TSAM elephant and trap tpcall calls myself.


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Maybe using LD_PRELOAD to hook calls to tpcall? Overhead might be a problem. Anybody tried pre-loading dynamic linking against Tuxedo? –  Matthew Young Jan 5 '14 at 22:24

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If you want to intercept service MYSERVICE, you can write write an general service named INTERCEPTOR and do the following:

  1. Unadvertise MYSERVICE and advertise it with name INTER_MYSERVICE
  2. Advertise the INTERCEPTOR with the name MYSERVICE
  3. The INTERCEPTOR-service must look with which name it was called (MYSERVICE) and has to forward the call to the service with name INTER_name, in this case INTER_MYSERVICE.

This configuration can be done dynamically without restarts.

I use this for debugging/logging-purpose in development, where it works quite well. I'm not sure whether I would use it in production. Also we only use XOCTET buffer-types, which makes it easier, but I think it should work with different buffer-types as well.

Also doing it for hundreds of services at the same time might become a problem.

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absolutely. Proxies services is doable but I wanted something more generic and non-intrusive to the Tuxedo configuration. Turns out there is an auditing framework and customers can write plugins for. Might try that if preloading is too hard on the callee side. –  Matthew Young Jan 20 '14 at 14:55

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