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I am unable to set selected value of "comboBox" in "ListView".

Here is XAML code.

Propertyname: LISTTOPICS

<ListView x:Name="gridTopics" 
          ItemsSource="{Binding Path=TOPICSINFO}" Width="310">
                <GridViewColumn Header="Associated Topics" >
                            <ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding LISTTOPICS}" 
                                      SelectedValue="{Binding SelectedTopic.SELECTEDTOPIC}" />

And C# code is

public class SelectedTopic : ObservableObject
    private static string selectedTopic;
    public static string SELECTEDTOPIC
        get { return selectedTopic; }
        set { selectedTopic = value; }
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You need to call RaisePropertyChanged in your setter.

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You have two options (it's difficult to say precisely, because DataContext isn't clear from your question):

  1. change binding expression to something like SelectedValue="{Binding SELECTEDTOPIC}" .
  2. properly binds to static property: Binding to static class property.
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