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I have 3 templates. signup, login and public template.

is there a way that handlebars can perform such logic that it will get the url and render the template?


{{#if currentPage 'public'}}
  render public template
{{elseif currentPage 'login'}}
  render login template
  render signup template
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These pages should have separate routes, and each route should specify the template you want to use for that page. –  jnylen Dec 16 '13 at 15:24
They have separated routes but their in one page. –  o2kevin Dec 17 '13 at 2:19

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I don't think there's a helper that does this in the package, but it's easy enough to register one:

UI.registerHelper("currentPage", function(localPath) {
    return Router.current(true).path === localPath;

You could also register this as a helper for a given template, but the above will allow it to be accessed globally.

Note that you'd need to supply parameters with a leading / for this to work, like /public, /login, and so on.

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works brilliantly! Thanks! –  gamengineers Jun 11 '14 at 3:56

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