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I am having trouble fully understanding how to count how many times an element occurs within a text file. I am able to read the file in like so -



readlines(FileName) ->
{ok, Device} = file:open(FileName, [read]),
try get_all_lines(Device)
  after file:close(Device)

get_all_lines(Device) ->
case io:get_line(Device, "") of
    eof  -> [];
    Line -> Line ++ get_all_lines(Device)

I would transfer the text file into a list of strings and I understand that list:length or foldl would normally count the number of elements within a list returning overall how many words there would be, however, I would like to list the words within the file and how many times it has occurred. Would this be done through pattern matching? The only solution that I can currently think of would require a lot of code.

Any tips will be appreciated.

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I may not have worded this correctly so feel free to point out areas I should alter. –  TriangleBanana Dec 16 '13 at 13:47

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