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I'm a newbie and need a little help. I am using this accordian script: http://www.nyokiglitter.com/tutorials/2columns.html

I would like to be able to print the whole accordion - open and collapsed.I saw this solution for jQuery:


I'm not sure that solution will work for me. Here is the code:

function init(){

  var stretchers = document.getElementsByClassName('stretcher'); //div that stretches
  var toggles = document.getElementsByClassName('tab'); //h3s where I click on

  //accordion effect
  var myAccordion = new fx.Accordion(
   toggles, stretchers, {opacity: true, height: true, duration: 400}

  //hash functions
  var found = true;
  toggles.each(function(h3, i){
   var div = Element.find(h3, 'nextSibling'); //element.find is located in prototype.lite
   if (window.location.href.indexOf(h3.title) > 0) {
    found = true;
  if (!found) myAccordion.showThisHideOpen(stretchers[0]);
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According to the page you refer to: Please note that these examples were written in 2005 and use an old version moo.fx. For newer examples please visit nyokiglitter.com/tutorial/creating-accordions-with-mootools –  Nifle Jan 14 '10 at 0:34
Nifle, I upgraded. I'm still having the same issue. Any thoughts? –  Herbert Jan 14 '10 at 12:28

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