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I am new to Python and I have modified dodger (here's the link http://inventwithpython.com/dodger.py) to add ''goodies'', sprites similar to the baddies, but that give you score when you touch them; instead of killing you as the baddies do. (I have made a change at the start with easygui too, but it works fine).

I am really confused as this code works (I mean this code starts) but the goodies don't appear, like if I didn't put them in at all. I have tried to figure out by myself what the problem is but I haven't found it. The source code is long but there are some comments to make it more readable. I think that the multimedia files are right because it doesn't give me error messages.

Here you have the not working program:

import pygame, random, sys
from pygame.locals import *
import easygui

#Message to make the user decide the hardness of the game
msg = 'Inserisci un numero da 1 a 20\n per la difficoltà: \n1 = Semplice\n 20 = Impossibile'
title = 'Difficoltà'

#Message to make the user decide the colour of the background of the game
Difficoltà = easygui.enterbox(msg,title)
msg   = "Quale colore preferisci fra questi come sfondo?"
choices = ["Nero","Blu","Verde"]
COLORESCELTODALLUTENTE = easygui.buttonbox(msg,choices=choices)

#Unused Values as it runs in fullscreen mode

#The text is white
TEXTCOLOR = (255, 255, 255)

#Changes the colour of the background according to the choice of the user
    BACKGROUNDCOLOR = (0, 0, 0)
    BACKGROUNDCOLOR = (36, 68, 212)
    BACKGROUNDCOLOR = (36, 237, 52)

#Frames per second the game will run at
FPS = 40

#Description of the baddies
baddie_type_1MINSIZE = 20
baddie_type_1MAXSIZE = 40
baddie_type_1MINSPEED = 4
baddie_type_1MAXSPEED = 5
ADDNEWbaddie_type_1RATE = 21 - int(Difficoltà)

#Description of the goddies
goddie_type_1MINSIZE = 20
goddie_type_1MAXSIZE = 40
goddie_type_1MINSPEED = 4
goddie_type_1MAXSPEED = 5
ADDNEWgoddie_type_1RATE = 10

#How fast you move with the arrows

def terminate():

def waitForPlayerToPressKey():
    while True:
        for event in pygame.event.get():
            if event.type == QUIT:
            if event.type == KEYDOWN:
                if event.key == K_ESCAPE: # pressing escape quits

def playerHasHitbaddie_type_1(playerRect, baddies_type_1):
    for b in baddies_type_1:
        if playerRect.colliderect(b['rect_b']):
            return True
    return False

def playerHasHitgoddie_type_1(playerRect, goddies_type_1):
    for g in goddies_type_1:
        if playerRect.colliderect(g['rect_g']):
            return True
    return False

def drawText(text, font, surface, x, y):
    textobj = font.render(text, 1, TEXTCOLOR)
    textrect = textobj.get_rect()
    textrect.topleft = (x, y)
    surface.blit(textobj, textrect)

# set up pygame, the window, and the mouse cursor
mainClock = pygame.time.Clock()
#This down here is windowed mode
#windowSurface = pygame.display.set_mode((WINDOWWIDTH, WINDOWHEIGHT))
#This down here is fullscreen mode
windowSurface = pygame.display.set_mode((WINDOWWIDTH, WINDOWHEIGHT), pygame.FULLSCREEN)

# set up fonts
font = pygame.font.SysFont(None, 48)

# set up sounds
gameOverSound = pygame.mixer.Sound('Gameover.wav')

# set up images
playerImage = pygame.image.load('Player.png')
playerRect = playerImage.get_rect()
baddie_type_1Image = pygame.image.load('Baddie_type_1.png')
goddie_type_1Image = pygame.image.load('Goddie_type_1.png')

# show the "Start" screen
drawText('Dodger', font, windowSurface, (WINDOWWIDTH / 3), (WINDOWHEIGHT / 3))
drawText('Press a key to start.', font, windowSurface, (WINDOWWIDTH / 3) - 30, (WINDOWHEIGHT / 3) + 50)

topScore = 0
while True:
    # set up the start of the game
    baddies_type_1 = []
    goddies_type_1 = []
    score = 0
    playerRect.topleft = (WINDOWWIDTH / 2, WINDOWHEIGHT - 50)
    moveLeft = moveRight = moveUp = moveDown = False
    reverseCheat = slowCheat = False
    baddie_type_1AddCounter = 0
    goddie_type_1AddCounter = 0
    pygame.mixer.music.play(-1, 0.0)

    while True: # the game loop runs while the game part is playing
        score += 1 # increase score

        for event in pygame.event.get():
            if event.type == QUIT:

            if event.type == KEYDOWN:
                if event.key == ord('z'):
                    reverseCheat = True
                if event.key == ord('x'):
                    slowCheat = True
                if event.key == K_LEFT or event.key == ord('a'):
                    moveRight = False
                    moveLeft = True
                if event.key == K_RIGHT or event.key == ord('d'):
                    moveLeft = False
                    moveRight = True
                if event.key == K_UP or event.key == ord('w'):
                    moveDown = False
                    moveUp = True
                if event.key == K_DOWN or event.key == ord('s'):
                    moveUp = False
                    moveDown = True

            if event.type == KEYUP:
                if event.key == ord('z'):
                    reverseCheat = False
                    score = 0
                if event.key == ord('x'):
                    slowCheat = False
                    score = 0
                if event.key == K_ESCAPE:

                if event.key == K_LEFT or event.key == ord('a'):
                    moveLeft = False
                if event.key == K_RIGHT or event.key == ord('d'):
                    moveRight = False
                if event.key == K_UP or event.key == ord('w'):
                    moveUp = False
                if event.key == K_DOWN or event.key == ord('s'):
                    moveDown = False

            if event.type == MOUSEMOTION:
                # If the mouse moves, move the player where the cursor is.
                playerRect.move_ip(event.pos[0] - playerRect.centerx, event.pos[1] - playerRect.centery)

        # ize is for size
        # Add new baddies_type_1 at the top of the screen, if needed.
        if not reverseCheat and not slowCheat:
            baddie_type_1AddCounter += 1
        if baddie_type_1AddCounter == ADDNEWbaddie_type_1RATE:
            baddie_type_1AddCounter = 0
            baddies_type_1ize = random.randint(baddie_type_1MINSIZE, baddie_type_1MAXSIZE)
            newbaddie_type_1 = {'rect_b': pygame.Rect(random.randint(0, WINDOWWIDTH-baddies_type_1ize), 0 - baddies_type_1ize, baddies_type_1ize, baddies_type_1ize),
                        'speed_b': random.randint(baddie_type_1MINSPEED, baddie_type_1MAXSPEED),
                        'surface_b':pygame.transform.scale(baddie_type_1Image, (baddies_type_1ize, baddies_type_1ize)),


        # ize is for size
        # Add new goddies_type_1 at the top of the screen, if needed.
        if not reverseCheat and not slowCheat:
            goddie_type_1AddCounter += 1
        if goddie_type_1AddCounter == ADDNEWgoddie_type_1RATE:
            goddie_type_1AddCounter = 0
            goddies_type_1ize = random.randint(goddie_type_1MINSIZE, goddie_type_1MAXSIZE)
            newgoddie_type_1 = {'rect_g': pygame.Rect(random.randint(0, WINDOWWIDTH-goddies_type_1ize), 0 - goddies_type_1ize, goddies_type_1ize, goddies_type_1ize),
                        'speed_g': random.randint(goddie_type_1MINSPEED, goddie_type_1MAXSPEED),
                        'surface_g':pygame.transform.scale(goddie_type_1Image, (goddies_type_1ize, goddies_type_1ize)),

        # Move the player around.
        if moveLeft and playerRect.left > 0:
            playerRect.move_ip(-1 * PLAYERMOVERATE, 0)
        if moveRight and playerRect.right < WINDOWWIDTH:
            playerRect.move_ip(PLAYERMOVERATE, 0)
        if moveUp and playerRect.top > 0:
            playerRect.move_ip(0, -1 * PLAYERMOVERATE)
        if moveDown and playerRect.bottom < WINDOWHEIGHT:
            playerRect.move_ip(0, PLAYERMOVERATE)

        # Move the mouse cursor to match the player.
        pygame.mouse.set_pos(playerRect.centerx, playerRect.centery)

        # Move the baddies_type_1 down.
        for b in baddies_type_1:
            if not reverseCheat and not slowCheat:
                b['rect_b'].move_ip(0, b['speed_b'])
            elif reverseCheat:
                b['rect_b'].move_ip(0, -5)
            elif slowCheat:
                b['rect_b'].move_ip(0, 1)

        # Move the goddies_type_1 down.
        for g in goddies_type_1:
            if not reverseCheat and not slowCheat:
                g['rect_g'].move_ip(0, g['speed_g'])
            elif reverseCheat:
                g['rect_g'].move_ip(0, -5)
            elif slowCheat:
                g['rect_g'].move_ip(0, 1)

         # Delete baddies_type_1 that have fallen past the bottom.
        for b in baddies_type_1[:]:
            if b['rect_b'].top > WINDOWHEIGHT:

        # Delete goddies_type_1 that have fallen past the bottom.
        for g in goddies_type_1[:]:
            if g['rect_g'].top > WINDOWHEIGHT:

        # Draw the game world on the window.

        # Draw the score and top score.
        drawText('Score: %s' % (score), font, windowSurface, 10, 0)
        drawText('Top Score: %s' % (topScore), font, windowSurface, 10, 40)

        # Draw the player's rectangle
        windowSurface.blit(playerImage, playerRect)

        # Draw each baddie_type_1
        for b in baddies_type_1:
            windowSurface.blit(b['surface_b'], b['rect_b'])

        # Draw each goddie_type_1
        for g in goddies_type_1:
            windowSurface.blit(g['surface_g'], g['rect_g'])


        # Check if any of the baddies_type_1 have hit the player.
        if playerHasHitbaddie_type_1(playerRect, baddies_type_1):
            if score > topScore:
                topScore = score # set new top score

        # Check if any of the goddies_type_1 have hit the player.
        if playerHasHitgoddie_type_1(playerRect, goddies_type_1):
            score = score + 200

        #Frapes of the game

    # Stop the game and show the "Game Over" screen.

    drawText('GAME OVER', font, windowSurface, (WINDOWWIDTH / 3), (WINDOWHEIGHT / 3))
    drawText('Press a key to play again.', font, windowSurface, (WINDOWWIDTH / 3) - 80, (WINDOWHEIGHT / 3) + 50)

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Welcome to Stack Overflow. To better and more quickly answer your question, you should consider reducing the code you've posted to a minimal demonstration of the problem. Please see sscce.org – ldrumm Dec 16 '13 at 15:54
My problem is that the error may be everywhere! Because the programme doesen't give me an error message but only 'ignores' the 'goddies' I have no idea where to look for it. – Caridorc Dec 16 '13 at 16:00
That's even more of a reason to reduce it. By doing that, you will likely find the answer yourself, and learn well by doing. You can add print statements to more easily see the state of variables that may be wrong. – ldrumm Dec 16 '13 at 16:03
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After your # Add new baddies_type_1 at the top of the screen, if needed. code, it looks like you actually add the baddie with this line:


You don't appear to be doing that with your goodies code. Try adding:


after your # Add new goddies_type_1 at the top of the screen, if needed. if statements.

Also, you spelled goodies as goddies throughout your code.

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Thank you for answering my question so quickly and clearly! – Caridorc Dec 16 '13 at 16:07

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