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I know that Xml for IoC configuration is out of the favor, but I plan to develop some tool support on top of it, so that is the reason for using Xml. Also, I would suspect that Spring .Net could be a good choice, but the project seems to be abandoned. I have some experience with NInject, but Xml support seems to be very limited.

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Even with tool support having XML configuration will never be better than code based configuration. There are simply too many scenarios that can't be expressed in XML. – Steven Jan 12 '14 at 3:00
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Autofac provides great XML Support, you can even use it on top of your programmatic configuration and split it into multiple files.

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I'm using NI.Ioc (v2, v1 is also known as Winter4Net) for many years, this is really lightweight and very fast standalone DI-container with XML Spring-like syntax. It was specially designed to handle huge XML configurations (I've experience with 40mb configurations) automatically generated from high-level XML-based domain-specific models.

It lacks a bit of documentation but most answers may be found in unit-tests and source files.

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