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I am new to javascript and jquery world. I am trying to display a tree table using the jQueryTree table at the link below.


it provides a few call back functions

  • onInitialized Callback function fired when the tree has been initialized.
  • onNodeCollapse Callback function fired when a branch is collapsed.
  • onNodeExpand Callback function fired when a branch is expanded.
  • onNodeInitialized Callback function fired when a node has been initialized.

I understand what the call back functions are. I am having trouble trying to code for in javascript.

can any help me understand how I can handle these call back functions. I am trying to get the id of the selected node

Any help will be appreciated thanks

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To get the selected node you don't need a callback function. Just get the element with "selected" class (that's the class added buy the plugin when you select something - at least that's what I've noticed in my 10 sec research on the plugin).

Try this: $(".selected").attr("id");

Or you need to fire an event on select? That's a different business.

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how do i handle the callback funtions already provided as described in my question ? –  Chandu Dec 17 '13 at 2:42

Initialize the tree plugin:

$("#example-advanced").treetable({ expandable: true });

And add a mouse down event on tr to get the id of the node, id is stored in data-tt-id data attribute.

 $("#example-advanced tbody").on("mousedown", "tr", function() {
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i tried that but with every click on the treenode to expand this call gets fired, I have this tree in an frame on the left hand side. Based on the selection I need to load right hand side data in a frame. But even before i selected the node expanding itself was causing the even to fire –  Chandu Dec 17 '13 at 0:51

Looks like there a few hoops to jump through


$("#jTable").treetable({ expandable: true, onNodeExpand: nodeExpand});

$("#jTable tbody").on("mousedown", "tr", function() {


if(!$(this).is(".expanded")) {
       $("#jTable").treetable("expandNode", $(this).data("ttId"));

and then write the nodeExapnd function as referenced in the treetable properties

function nodeExpand () {
    alert ("expanded");
    alert ( $(".selected").data("ttId"));
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